Buying a house in Turkey

Turkey is a country that is rapidly moving towards modernization and is a bridge between Europe and the Middle East and is one of the countries that has many ancient monuments and is very close to Eastern culture and customs in terms of culture and etiquette. Turkey is a country It is rapidly moving towards modernization and is a bridge between Europe and the Middle East, and it is one of the countries that has many ancient monuments and is very close to Eastern culture and customs in terms of culture and etiquette.
Privileges of buying property in Turkey:
The cheap price of property in Turkey, which is comparable to the price of property in Europe in 1970
Low cost of living
Suitable climate that includes very hot summers and mild winters with the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.
Turkey is a country that has advanced economically in the past few years and has come very close to European and American standards.
High rate of investment in real estate, especially in the tourist and hotel sector
::.:: Good news for those who are applying to buy property in Turkey ::.::
After many years of discussion, in May 2012, Bill No. 2644- Article 35 was approved by the Turkish Parliament, which is the content of the law proposed by the Turkish government to remove the principle of mutual performance for governments, and this means that all foreign citizens are able to buy real estate in Turkey, even if the respective country has not granted such rights to Turkey, and today, with the list of countries allowed to buy, this law came into force, which means that with the citizens of Afghanistan and Iran They will be treated the same as Turkish nationals or other foreign countries, and the laws of transfer of property ownership and inheritance that apply to Turkish nationals will also be applicable to Iranians and Afghans, and these properties can be sold and transferred in the same way. are.
With the approval of this law, suitable opportunities for investment will increase, and with this policy, Turkey's economy will grow more and more. In recent years, the Turkish government has always tried to improve the conditions of work and international trade.
It should be noted that you are like other foreigners
They can get the benefits of staying by buying a property
to enjoy in the cities of Turkey and because of that
The possibility of buying a car and enrolling children in schools
You will have Turkey.
Please note that this law is for obtaining Turkish citizenship
And having permission is not work and it is enough for recent cases
Other legal procedures/licenses should be taken and obtained.
Turkish tourist cities including Antalya and Alanya and other surrounding cities (Belek, Alanya, Side, Kemer) are among the most attractive areas among real estate investors, and with this opportunity, the Turkish government will be able to develop and make the tourist industry more attractive in these areas. . In this sense, with more tourist attractions, we will have an increase in the demand for buying houses in Turkey, and it is expected that the value of property in Turkey will rise, especially in places facing the sea, and will have a significant increase for the next few years.
::.:: So it is the best time to buy at the right price ::.::
We have also provided special services for those who wish to buy a house in Turkey through our company
Basic services:
1. Assistance in obtaining a visa in the shortest possible time by sending an official and valid invitation from Turkey, if you face any problem to receive a visa through the invitation, you can contact our office in Kabul. Turkish visa is free for those who buy a house in Turkey through our company. (Iranian nationals do not need a visa to travel to Turkey and this service is only for Afghan nationals.)
2. Hotel reservation with the right price and quality for our customers
3. Welcoming you at the airport and escorting you to your hotel
4. Accompanying you throughout your journey and showing you your favorite projects for buying a house
5. Register your home or company contract in your name in Turkish government offices
6. Obtaining residence or extending your residence for you for periods of 6 months and one year
7. Taking you to tourist places and shopping centers of the city
after sales service :
1. After buying a house and obtaining residency, if you want to buy a car or enroll your children in Turkish schools, we will help you in this matter.
2. If you plan to rent the house you bought to a tenant, you can contact us.
3. If you decide to sell the house you bought after some time, you can also contact us.

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