Oxford Plastic Surgery Hospital

☆ Our services in the following sections
♧ Eliminate wrinkles and enlarge the eyes
Lifting the laugh line or removing the drooping of the forehead
Lift or raise the eyebrows
Lifting and changing the shape of the nose according to the individual's choice
Lift, highlight and eat the breasts
Removal of vaginal hypertrophy
Fit organs such as stomach, buttocks, arms and neck
Hot correction of seed year or mosquito bite
Eliminate forehead wrinkles
Highlighting the lips
Making holes in the mounds
Address: Koti Sangi Street, Daralman, in front of the Attorney General's Office, Oxford Plastic Surgery Hospital, our contact number is 0744018003.
Anesthetic sedition slightly hungover or at the patient's choice
If we use cartilage from the back or ribs, every sheep that comes to the shower is sick. If we use cartilage or artificial silicon, we guarantee the sheep.
consumption of 26,550 Afghanis
It is performed without sensitive pain and bleeding by plasma blade
Eye surgery costs 15,000 Afghanis

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