About Us
The Muslim Investor Initiative was founded by Ayaan The Muslim Investor because he wanted to go one step further than those typical gurus who sell digital products and built this community platform to provide more value to the young Muslim community than ever before!

Seeing many Muslims getting exploited by scammers leading them down the wrong path drove him to building TMII - an online learning hub where Muslims are able to connect and learn from one another to improve their expertise through expanding their knowledge

All of the resources you need to become a Muslim Investor right from scratch are available inside TMII along with so much more! Here's a list of some of many topics we aim to cover:

Shariah Compliant Investing & Trading
Stock Market
Affiliate Marketing
Business & Entrepreneurship
Wealth & Success

Why You Should Join Us
Every Muslim has at one point in their life thought about being wealthy and perhaps you've felt envy towards others that have wealth - we're all humans so it's natural

Growing up as a Muslim you've heard so many negative things about money and wealth

Wealth has it's place in Islam, HALAL wealth!

Our resources & community will be the tools you need to start learning how to become a pious, wealthy Muslim

You won't ever find as much value & support in another community like us because we actually CARE about Muslims!

We're the number 1 educational community platform built by Muslims for Muslims in order to help create the next generation of Muslim Investors

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