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Voice of America is America's largest international multimedia news organization that broadcasts programs in more than 45 languages ​​for audiences who have no access to free media or whose access to free media is limited. Founded in 1942, VOA is committed to comprehensive, independent coverage and providing facts to its audience. Voice of America is fully funded by American taxpayers and within the framework of the World Media Organization of America.
The working independence and mission of Voice of America is guaranteed through laws that protect journalists of this media from influence, pressure or retaliatory measures by government officials or politicians.
Gerald R. Ford, the then president of the United States of America, signed the VOA charter in 1976. This charter states:
VOA will always act as a reliable and trustworthy source of news. Voice of America news will be accurate, real and comprehensive.
The voice of America, not from only one part of the American society, which will represent all of America and therefore, will reflect American ideas and methods in a balanced and comprehensive way.
Voice of America will reflect the policies of the United States in a clear and effective way, and will also cover discussions and responsible opinions about these policies.
In 1994, the US Congress passed the US International Publications Bill. This law requires Voice of America journalists to be reliable, accurate, impartial, comprehensive, balanced and reflective of the cultural and social diversity in America.
Congress, also in 2016, once again approved the National Defense Enforcement Act, which emphasizes that journalism and reporting must continue to be independent and impartial.
Voice of America reporters strive daily to act as an example of free media work in the world.
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